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Message from the Safety Director: Jeremy Chambers

My mission is to implement and monitor a comprehensive safety program incorporating the best practices of our company, our customers and our community. I am easily accessible so that any employee can call me with questions or concerns and I will address them immediately.

Insco Industries, Inc. is committed to creating a safe work environment for our employees, subcontractors, customers and community. Safety begins with leadership, and management requires that all employees not only follow company safety policies and procedures, but also those of our customers while on site.

Insco Industries continually evaluates
and updates our safety policies to adapt to the ever changing
safety requirements of our industries.

 On Site

  • Conduct daily pre-task planning
  • Conduct weekly toolbox talks
  • Continually monitor the OSHA website to gather information on incidents throughout the country
  • Conduct “lesson learned” stand down meetings when required
  • Conduct Monthly Supervisor safety training
  • Conduct weekly site safety audits
  • Conduct regular site inspections
  • Ensure all our employees have a clear understanding of specific site requirements


 Training Process

  • All new employees are given Insco Industries safety orientation videos and our safety department takes the time to talk with each new hire about Insco’s safety manual and policies.
  • We conduct safety training throughout the year to ensure “freshness” for our employees.
  • All employees are required to have a minimum of OSHA 10-hour certification
  • All supervisors are required to have OSHA 30-hour certification



  • We utilize the best fall protection available on the market. We have removed the middle man of retailers and work directly with name-brand manufacturers to ensure we have the best equipment available.



  • Insco Industries knows that negative reinforcement alone does not produce the results we wish to achieve. Insco has developed a positive rewards program in which employees are recognized throughout the year.