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Certified Insulation Energy Appraisal

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Mechanical Insulation is your hidden asset. Insulation is the most effective technology available today to conserve energy, save money, protect personnel and preserve the environment.  With inadequate or damaged mechanical insulation you are not reaching the full potential of your asset.

Our certified insulation energy appraiser will evaluate your mechanical insulation using the latest in infrared thermal technology and industry supported software to help your business:

  • Save $$$$$$, through reducing your energy costs.
  • Minimize safety hazards and provide a safer working environment.
  • Protect existing equipment by reducing temperature and workload.
  • Protect our environment through reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Appraisal Process:

  1. You determine the scope of the appraisal. We can evaluate the facility in sections or the entire facility at once. Our certified insulation energy appraiser will complete a walk-through of the facility gathering data on the processes and gathering data on insulated and uninsulated pipes, ductwork and equipment.
  2. At the appraiser’s office, the data and information is analyzed. Using the 3E Plus Software, the appraiser will determine the thermal performance of existing insulation system.
  3. Based on analysis of existing insulation the appraiser will determine the optimum insulation and run a comparison between the two insulation systems.
  4. Present you with the final report which will include actual Btu’s used, associated energy costs and greenhouse gases expended compared with the optimum insulation system. The final report will also include estimated costs of the mechanical insulation project and associated payback period.

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