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Bank of America Data Center Expansion

Insulation Contract Amount $1,100,000

This LEED®-registered project consisted of expanding an existing facility with a new, separated data center designed and built to Tier IV and F3 (214 mph) standards. It included 130,000 square feet of total space, a separate 9,000- square-foot generator building and 25,000 square feet of white space with raised floor.

The mechanical systems include a new 2,600-ton chilled water plant with both water-cooled (for critical loads) and air-cooled (for non-critical loads) chillers, cast-in-place cooling towers (Miami Dade F3 rated), two 65,000-gallon chilled water storage tanks, and an 85,000-gallon condenser water storage tank.

Cooling for the mission-critical space was provided with large air-handling units located in mechanical utility corridors along both sides of the white space. All critical components are controlled by a Distributed Control System and all non-critical components are controlled by a DDC system. The project also featured fuel oil storage and piping system for generators and an air-side economizer for raised floor space.